Sonible Releases Smart:Gate – A Content-Aware Gate Plug-in

Smart Gate Sonible

The latest addition to the likeable Sonible is smart:gate. Unlike conventional gates, which are triggered by input level, smart:gate’s artificial intelligence makes it “content-aware”.

Smart:gate represents the latest AI-powered plug-in from Sonible, designed to revolutionize traditional gate processors. This innovative tool takes a distinct approach, being “content-aware,” and offers reliable results that are not solely dependent on the source material’s level.

Smart:gate’s distinguishing feature lies in its capability to differentiate between the components of a mixed signal. This ensures consistent gating performance even when the target source’s level varies or when competing instruments overpower the desired signal. Users can easily select their target source from a drop-down menu, which includes options such as vocals, electric guitar, piano, and more.

The plug-in provides a range of controls for precise fine-tuning. A three-band suppression network allows users to apply different weights to the gating across the frequency range.


Moreover, it offers the flexibility to increase the level-dependency of the processing, enabling improved response to sources with pronounced transients. Additionally, smart:gate comes with a ducking mode alongside its standard gating operation, maintaining the same target-focused approach.

For those who prefer a conventional approach, smart:gate can be bypassed, functioning as a traditional gate processor.

The smart:gate user interface is user-friendly and provides detailed visual feedback. The Instant Replay feature displays parameter changes across the signal history, facilitating a better understanding of the impact of modifications made.

Smart:gate is compatible with Windows 10 PCs and macOS 10.13 upwards. It supports VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in versions. It’s currently offered at an introductory price of €89 until August 21, 2023. After this period, the price will increase to €129.

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