Rebekah Announces ‘End The Silence’ GoFundMe Campaign

Rebekah End The Silence

Rebekah, who announced the #Forthemusic campaign in the summer of 2020, has announced a GoFundMe Campaign to raise funds for a future film on how to help survivors of sexual harassment in dance music.

Working alongside the website, MeToo-Music, Rebekah started a campaign #ForTheMusic in the summer of 2020 to tackle the ongoing issues of sexual harassment that women and minorities face in the industry.

A prevalent issue is when survivors speak out, they are often not believed. Rebekah aims to change this conversation via education. The GoFundMe campaign, titled ‘End The Silence’ intends to educate people on how to better facilitate the right assistance with regards to the silence around harassment and assault.

DJ Rebekah

Through education, Rebekah is confident more bystanders will speak out when they see or hear of abuse and ultimately protect those more vulnerable on our dance floors and beyond. Education for a sector that transverses culture and language is tough and the film is the suggested way to present the message.

Last year Eric Morillo died a few days ahead of a court case where he was due to defend himself against sexual battery in December 2019. What followed was more and more women came forward with stories about Eric Morillo and to talk about their own negative, often abusive experiences with him on social media.

With such a high profile name exposing the shamefully commonplace nature of sexual harassment in dance music, the industry has slowly begun to recognise the issues and attempt to reform itself. Rebekah sat down and discussed this in the Guardian earlier this year and continues to figurehead the growing movement in dance music.

Watch Rebekah announce the End The Silence Fundraiser below:

How to support the End The Silence Fundraiser

To support the End The Silence Fundraise you can either donate directly on the GoFundMe page or alternatively byy, you can purchase music via Bandcamp or Beatport to support the fundraising efforts. Music has been donated by a wide range of artists including Sunil Sharpe, AISHA, AnD, Julian Mueller and Charlton to name a few.

Support the End The Silence Various Artists EP on Bandcamp. 

Make a donation on the GoFundMe page.

Find out more about Me Too Music on their website.

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