Pro Tools 2019 DAW Announced by AVID

Pro Tools 2019 DAW by AVID

Finally Pro Tools 2019 is available, loaded with its announced news and the expected support for Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. Pro Tools 2019 has the possibility to work with up to 384 tracks / simultaneous audio voices, which represents an increase of 50% over the previous version.

The possible MIDI tracks have also been duplicated, now being able to have up to 1024 in a single session. Of course, that curious novelty is included that it seems incredible that a DAW of the height of Pro Tools did not have: now able to perform basic functions of the workflow without stopping playback. Tasks like creation and selection of tracks, experimentation with effects, presets, loops, etc.

Among other minor optimizations, an update of the EUCON protocol is also included to integrate new monitoring and mixing functions in control apps and systems such as Pro Tools S6 / S3, Pro Tools Control for iOS and the Avid Artist series. Pro Tools 2019 is available right now from the Avid servers, free of charge to current subscribers to the Avid plan.

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