MusikMesse Specials from Best Service!

On each of the four days of MusikMesse Big Fish Audio will offer 30% OFF of a unique set of Virtual Instruments from Best Service!Click HERE to see MusikMesse Specials! Read the full story

Extent of the Jam Digits now Open Source (GPL)

Extent of the Jam has announced that the source code for Digits, the free phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio’s CZ series for Mac, Windows and Linux, is now licensed under the GPL. [Read More] Read the full story

3 Simple Beat Making Tips

Too many producers overlook these 3 simple beat making tips, others not so much. By not using these tips you might be missing out on a whole new world of ideas! Start using these tips the next time you make a beat and watch how much more creative you become! Tip #1: Layer Instruments Layering…