Rob Papen updates Predator 3 and RP-Distort

Rob Papen has announced that Predator-3 has been updated and is now fully compatible with the NI NKS system. Also added are two fresh newly crafted preset banks by sound designers Oddiction… Read More Read the full story

Solcito Musica updates SuperTron VSTi to v6.1

Solcito Musica has updated SuperTron to v6.1 with bug fixes and added/improved features for MIDI and live performance. The developer says: The new audiorhythmic… Read More Read the full story

Change The Record Episode 5: In Place Of War

In episode 05 of Change The Record, we sit down with Ruth Daniel, CEO and creative director of the global charity, In Place of War. Through the organisation, creativity is used as a tool to produce positive change in places of conflict. In Place Of War Podcast Listen to Change The Record the Attack Magazine…

A.O.M. plugins updated to v1.13.3

A.O.M. has updated their plugins to version 1.13.3. New Features and Enhancements: [Invisible Limiter G2] Modern V mode is added. [tranQuilizr G2] Algorithm III is added. Read More Read the full story

Wave Arts updates free Convology XT plug-in to v1.24

Wave Arts has released version 1.24 of Convology XT, the free convolution plug-in developed in collaboration with Impulse Record. Convology XT comes with 70+ impulse responses,… Read More Read the full story