The Sad Decline Of DJing At Musikmesse 2017

The DJ part of the 2017 Musikmesse was a strange non-event. What had once been a huge, busy event with lots of new gear on show was no more. Instead we got a boring, tiny and frankly tacky little room with very little of interest in it. The post The Sad Decline Of DJing At…

MusikMesse Specials from Best Service!

On each of the four days of MusikMesse Big Fish Audio will offer 30% OFF of a unique set of Virtual Instruments from Best Service!Click HERE to see MusikMesse Specials! Read the full story

Extent of the Jam Digits now Open Source (GPL)

Extent of the Jam has announced that the source code for Digits, the free phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio’s CZ series for Mac, Windows and Linux, is now licensed under the GPL. [Read More] Read the full story