Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.3.3

Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X to v10.3.3. Changes: Ability to expand the width of the Inspector to view and adjust effect parameters. Fixes issues with updating older libraries. Faster redraw [Read More] Read the full story

Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Sampler to v1.9.7

Togu Audio Line has updated TAL-Sampler to v1.9.7. Changes in v1.9.7: Muted output when enable hiss fixed. Changes in v1.9.6: Cycle time stretch mode added. Pitch_Keytrack support for SF2 files. [Read More] Read the full story

Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.2

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.2. Enhancements: Added an End of Score button to Delete measures dialog. Improved placement of credit-words in MusicXML import. Added [Read More] Read the full story

Audified releases Studio Bundle with Intro Offer

Audified has announced the release of the Audified Studio Bundle, a new collection that contains: MixChecker – a tool that helps you get better mixes instantly. The vintage U73b Compressor The [Read More] Read the full story

Sylvain Stoppani Releases Free PROCESSORZ° Multi-FX Unit (NI Reaktor)

via Bedroom Producers Blog: Sylbain Stoppani has recently released PROCESSORZ°, a freely downloadable multi-effects toolbox for Native Instruments Reaktor. I’ve only recently become a Reaktor user but have already been floored by the quality of free user-generated content, one of the latest being the PROCESSORZ° device created by Sylvain Stoppani. Much like Sugar Bytes’ “Effectrix” or…

Matthieu Brucher releases Audio ToolKit 2.0.0

Matthieu Brucher has updated ATK to 2.0.0 with a major refactoring to ensure signed/unsigned consistency, a new Adaptive module and EQ design. Complex-valued filters are also now available to [Read More] Read the full story