ReFX Nexus 2: A Unique Synth You Should Use

Developed by reFX, Nexus 2 VST is a unique all-in-one ROMpler packed with a seemingly infinite amount of sounds.
Also, It offers a readily accessible collection of instruments that lets you produce high-quality compositions swiftly.
While It’s frequently challenging to produce good quality sounds quickly and efficiently when just starting, Nexus 2 can solve this issue, and that’s why it’s probably the most effective n for new producers to buy.
For Veteran producers who have been in the game for a while, Nexus 2 may be an excellent option for smooth production. But First Let’s understand what a ROMpler is.

What is a ROMpler?

The ROMpler (a combination of the terms ROM and sampler) is an electronic musical instrument that plays audio samples stored on ROM chips sounds.
In contrast to samplers, romplers do not capture audio and have little or no potential for generating distinctive sounds. In addition to this, Rom chips serve as the storage and give access to the many sounds that come with your Rompler VST.
Additionally, the ROMpler is full of high top quality sounds varying from guitar to piano, so choosing a sound that you’re trying to find shouldn’t take long.

Nexus 2 VST

Considered to be one of the simplest and quickest production tools that you can learn to use, Nexus 2 VST comes with a large collection of top-quality sounds to pick from.
Also, with a simple, customizable interface, Nexus 2 has made it a joy to select your settings with a few spins of the knob.


  • Plug n Play’ abilities
  • Quick production tools
  • Almost no sound design expertise to use
  • Expansion packs available
  • Easy customization of effects and options
  • Includes main instruments to produce music
  • Inexpensive considering the amount and quality of sounds in the library


  • The inability to generate new sounds
  • The neccesity to buy buy expansions to get new sounds
  • Lowered capacity to manipulate sounds
  • Complicated licensing (USB-eLicenser)


Nexus 2 include the traditional set of functions such as reverb, delay, and filter adjustment.
Yet, what truly sets it apart are features such as its vast collection of sound options.
And it’s not simply a huge collection of a single instrument, but it includes a range of instruments, and what this means is that you can make a whole track using one ROMpler.

If you want to integrate other VST synthesizers with your DAW, you have access to various sounds. But, they’re often more limitations according to the synthesizer’s capabilities.

For instance, you may be able to replicate an electric piano sound to varied results using a saw, sine, or pulse waves. A sound considerably difficult to reproduce might be a grand piano.
On the other hand, Nexus 2 does not generate sounds from scratch but instead as a ROMpler.
This means the sampled sounds are then reproduced from computer RAM after being stored onto the disk.
Nexus 2 has a huge library, and because of that, you’ll find just about every kind of instrument accessible to choose from. That may include piano, guitar, percussion, harp or more.

ReFX also offers expansion packs if you prefer a better selection of specific instruments.
And, if that’s not enough, then you’ll want to bear in mind that Nexus 2 ’s vast sound selection is exceptionally high quality.
While there are many rival synthesizers on the market, the Nexus 2 ROMpler does a fantastic job of delivering a combination of quality, amount, and diversity of sounds.


The GUI is simple, providing fundamental vintage synth controls at the reach of one’s fingers. 
The primary window includes all the controls that contemporary synthesizers provide. 
Nexus 2 mixes samples utilizing up to four extra oscillators; thus, it is more ROM synthesizer than a traditional Rompler.

There is also Filter and Amp sections that include a traditional envelope and ADSR knobs. At the same time, a dual-effects part enables us to select the quantity of the desired effect and alter certain important settings.
There is also a master filter portion applied to the whole output signal since Nexus 2 ‘s presets may be mixed from up to 8 layers, and this overall filter controls them all.

Mixing and FX

The Mix screen provides probably another beneficial new functionality.
Nexus 2 patches are constructed from up to 4 layers, and you might now mute layers and adjust the level, panning, transpose and detune settings. In addition, by stacking Nexus 2 units, you can successfully mix layers from different patches.

Along with the front-panel reverb and delay, you can now add 2 global effects instead of one only. The FX available are: 
phaser, flanger, chorus, degrader, ensemble, distortion, an analogue phaser and a stereo enhancer.

The stereo enhancer is useful and operates on a specified frequency range, but the analogue phaser is the true star. It provides a rich, smooth tone that differentiates it from the current phaser. It comes with additional controls, too, with adjustable upper/lower frequencies and up to sixteen stages.

The mixer key displays where different components of the current preset that you can enable, disable or modify. You can enable or disable any of the 8 layers that comprise the sound or trigger arptrance gate, or any two effects for every layer.

Also, The Live area is a news part, as it gives you information on updates and new expansions.
The System button brings up several important settings for selected presets, including velocity curve, transposition, fine-tuning, voices, and some basic information about extensions.

Starter ($199) To get you going Value ($1,399) Plenty of sounds Complete ($2,999) You want it all
NEXUS 2 plug-in
Factory content
Over 2250 presets
13 GB of samples
Windows and macOS
64-bit / 32-bit
NEXUS 2 plug-in
Plus the latest 50 expansions
Over 8,500 presets
Over 50 GB of samples
Windows and macOS
64-bit / 32-bit
NEXUS 2 plug-in
Plus all 116 expansions
Over 16,000 presets
Over 130 GB of samples
Windows and macOS
64-bit / 32-bit


There seems to be much adjustability potential built into Nexus 2 that it feels almost absurd to describe it as a basic ROMpler.
In concept, it could be, but in reality, you might consider each preset as a turbocharged wavetable or generator.
What about the sound?
It’s like a billion, crisp, hundred bucks pouring down on a gold DJ booth.
Nexus 2 is so deep, so genuinely complete and beautiful that it’s nearly hard not to be drawn into its ideal environment. And this is its eternal attraction.
Finally, Nexus 2 is the ultimate modern firestarter, and it holds the current generation of DAW centred producers just as firmly in its grip as it did the previous versions.

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