News Round-Up: 22/9/17

London’s controversial Form 696 to be reviewed. What happens when rave meets kids’ TV. Celebrated photographer quits the music scene citing misogyny and bullying.

Grime scene investigation. London’s Evening Standard reports that Scotland Yard is to review the controversial risk assessment form that unfairly singles out grime, garage and R&B acts as potentially troublesome. Form 696 has been blamed for targeting black music events over the last decade. Read more here.

Trans icon. Transgender dancer Lucy Fizz is the subject of an award-winning documentary that challenges society’s views of the LGBT community. She is the face of progressive disco party Glitterbox. Find out more in the BBC’s short video interview here.

Cartoon rave. The Guardian look into the influence ‘toytown techno’ and rave had on pop culture in the 90s and speaks to Mark Summers, Billy Bunter and Mark Pritchard. Check it here.

Ginn but not forgotten. Veteran club photographer Sarah Ginn has quit the industry after years of misogyny and bullying. She was a regular at London’s Fabric. You can read her full statement above, and more here.

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