News Round-Up: 9/3/18

Paying tribute to the Walkman and Discman. Jamie Lidell chats to Prince’s sound engineer. Roland launch updated TR-8.

Gone but not forgotten. Pitchfork pay tribute to portable music players of 1998, the Walkman and Discman. Read it here.

Vinyl fetish. The Guardian argue that “gimmicks” like Record Store Day won’t save local shops, here.

Taking heed. David Byrne recognises criticisms about the lack of female representation on his latest collab-heavy album. In an Instagram post, the former Talking Heads man said: “I regret not hiring and collaborating with women for this album – it’s ridiculous.”

The Truth. The woman behind many of Prince’s best albums, Susan Rogers, talks to Jamie Lidell’s Hanging Out With Audiophiles podcast. Listen above.

Hands on. Roland show off some of the features in their new TR-8S. The updated version of the TR-8 has the ability to load edit, effect and automate user samples.

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