News Round-Up: 6/4/18

u-he eurorack module

Free Minimoog samples from Legowelt. New synths due at Superbooth. TED explores vinyl culture.


I hear voices. Japan’s Black Corporation – makers of the obsessively brilliant Yamaha CS80 clone Deckard’s Dream – will be debuting a new 8-voice polyphonic synth at Superbooth 2018. The Kijimi is inspired by the super-rare RSF Polykobol, Synthtopia report. Take a look at the first teaser image above.

Moog magic. “All the noise, dust, crackle, unstableness and sheer uncorrupted walnut-wooden sensuality you can get.” Legowelt has put together another of his always handy sample packs, this time there are 223 wavs made on a dusty 1970s Minimoog. Cop here.

Posted by U-HE on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gear up. Superbooth 2018 will also see U-he, best known for their software output, debut their first ever hardware in the form of a Eurorack module. Check out the teaser above.

Vinyl culture. In his TED talk, Music Is My Sanctuary’s Alex Charpentier explains how record collectors find and preserve culture. Watch it above.

Not on. The music industry’s gender pay gap comes into the spotlight in this post on Music Business Worldwide, which reveals the difference between what major labels pay both men and women.

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