News Round-Up: 23/3/18

Cashback. Cash in. Safe.

Cashback. The Guardian asks if Spotify and Dropbox going public will finally prove that investment in music tech can be profitable. Read it here.

Cash in. Meanwhile, the US recorded music market grew by over $1bn last year, in total generating $8.7bn. But critics point out that “these two years of growth only return the business to 60% of its peak size  –  about where it stood ten years ago  –  and that’s ignoring inflation”. Music Business Worldwide have a breakdown of how much goes to labels, subscription services and artists, here.

In concert. A load of DJs including the incredibly young 2017 DMC World Champion form the world’s first ever Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra. Watch and listen to the results above.

There’s an ad for that. YouTube’s head of music has said more adverts will be shown during video playbacks in order to encourage people to actually buy music. Read his thoughts here.

Safe. A joint report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform says we need to do more to protect party people from drug-related harm. Read a summary here.

Insight. Brian Eno and Tom Rogerson chat about their new album, Finding Shore, how it came together and what informed and inspired it. Watch above.

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