News Round-Up: 16/6/17

New York set to repeal “anti-dancing” law. Free new Groovebox app for iOS. Loopcloud now open to the public.

In review. New York Council are to review the law that states any establishments that allow dancing need a separate licence. You can read the full breakdown on RA.

Groovy. New, free studio app Groovebox is now available for your iPhone and iPad. Designed in partnership with Novation, it is packed with synths and drums. Grab the download here.

Beat on the side. The Guardian investigates the world of library music, made by people who can earn up to £30k a year. Read it here.

Sound. KRK have announced a brand new product, the V-Series 4 White Noise. Boasting 49 EQ settings amongst other things, you can get the lowdown about the new units here.

Right on time. German hip-hop producer Clockwerk is the latest to step up to make beats as part of Ableton’s Push performance video series. Watch it above.

Loop me in. Loopcloud is now open to one and all and if you download it you will get a 1GB welcome pack, 150 free new samples each week and more. Head here for more.

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