News Round-Up: 16/3/18

arturia three filter plugins

Spotify test automatic mixing functions. Google develop AI synth. Two new plugin bundles from Arturia.

In the mix. Spotify are testing a new auto-mixing function that will beat match two tracks and bring about the end of the DJ. Maybe. Read more here.

Rave return. Illegal raves have been happening more and more frequently in London in recent times. The Guardian investigates why, here.

Smart synth. Google have developed a touchscreen synth based on AI. Called NSynth, it is open source and uses an algorithm that uses Google’s neural network to learn and reproduce the timbral qualities of other sounds and instruments. Learn more in the video above.

Future music? The New York Times look at 25 songs which, they believe, tell us where music is headed. Check it out here.

Useful. Arturia have released a plugin bundle featuring three filters they think you will actually use. They’re taken from the finest analogue synths and are detailed in the video above.

And again… Arturia also make their debut in the software effects world with three useable plugins that model vintage studio channel strips. Watch above.

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