News Round-Up: 14/7/17

Fake news, bad news, big news, future news, old news and nudes.

Fake news. Spotify have been accused of littering their playlists with fake artists in order to save money. They denied it, as written in the Guardian, while Music Business World investigates further.

Bad news. Despite laying off 40% of staff, SoundCloud are still reportedly struggling to make ends meet, with some predicting that the business will fold entirely within the next few months. Tech Crunch has the lowdown.

tats takahashiBig news. Aphex Twin has interviewed ex Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi about their collaboration on the monologue, micro tuning, geometry and more. Read it here.

Future news. Eventide announce they will be unveiling a new UltraTap plugin based on their Harmonizer technology at this year’s Summer NAMM show. Watch the teaser above and get more info here.

Old news. Native Instruments have put together a blog post about the top free vintage-inspired Reaktor ensembles. Read it here.

Nudes. BBC Radio 4 put together a half-hour documentary about the music burlesque dancers choose to soundtrack their routines. Listen here.

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