News Round-Up: 13/10/17

Exploring the Japanese northern soul scene. What does underground really mean? Getting started with Ableton.

Getting started. Ableton’s new ‘In the Process’ series kicks off with a discussion on starting tracks. Check it out above. Meanwhile, if you work in education and want an Ableton Push 1 for your classroom, find out how here.

On a mission. The Guardian kicks off a new series that aims to survey the musical underground. The first instalment finds Alexis Petridis trying to define what exactly the term means. Read it here.

East meets west. The Independent investigates a revivalist northern soul scene in Japan that mirrors the dancing, records and atmospheres of the UK’s famous 70s movement. Read it here.

Job o’ the times. Prince’s famous Paisley Park estate production complex is looking for a new Archives Catalogue Associate, and it could be you. Read more here.

Bye bye. Vlogging pioneer The Needle Drop’s lesser known thatistheplan channel had become an alt-right outlet that railed against everything from social justice to feminism. When Pitchfork got in touch for comment, he closed it down. Read the full story here.

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