News Round-Up: 11/5/18

Luciano reveals struggles with drugs and alcohol. R Kelly deleted by Spotify. Are digital downloads just a blip?

Candid statement. Cadenza boss Luciano has spoken about being sober for a year after falling into substance and alcohol abuse as a result of constant touring. Read the full statement on his Facebook.

Muted. Starting with R Kelly, Spotify are removing artists from playlists as part of a new Hate Content & Hateful Conduct Policy. Read the details on Billboard.

Result! Because turntables and CDJs have been formally recognised as musical instruments, students in UK schools can now take DJing as part of their GCSE music course. Read about the initiative here.

Digital downturn. Forbes think the era of digital music is just a brief transition period that will ultimately take us from physical product to a time of cloud-based streaming. Read more here.

A sound system. Aures London is a new venue that boasts the first ever permanent 3D sound system, even though no one actually makes music for 3D sound systems. Read about the spec and plans for a forthcoming haptic dancefloor on RA.

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