Mixes Of The Week: 24/4/17

This week’s top mixes include Pan Sonic with Alan Vega at Coney Island High, Planetary Assault Systems’ Light Years and Mall Grab’s Burners and Bangers.

Pan Sonic with Alan Vega at Coney Island High. In honour of Mika Vainio, who died last week, a recording of the great Finnish experimental artist’s Pan Sonic performing live in 1998 with Suicide’s Alan Vega on vocals. “It was incredibly intense, late in the set Alan vega jumps on stage and freaks on the mic like only he could.” Stream above.

Planetary Assault Systems’ Light Years. Celebrating the release of his new The Light Years Reworks LP, a remix album featuring reworks of PAS material from his closest friends and collaborators, Luke Slater has shared a new mix as his Planetary Assault Systems project via XLR8R. Stream above, track listing and download here.

Mall Grab’s Burners and Bangers. Known for his releases via DJ Haus’s Unknown to the Unknown and Hot Haus, Vancouver’s 1080p Collection and his own Steel City Dance Discs imprint, Aussie lo-fi house producer Mall Grab contributes the newest Fact mix, featuring spiritual jazz, dusty deep house and his own tracks. Stream and download above.

Ozel AB’s LT Podcast of Slow Jams. Lobster Theremin’s latest LT Podcast features a slow jams mixtape from London-based house and techno producer Ozel AB, who explains that he “tried to develop the ideas as quickly as possible and in one take sort of stream of consciousness,” and that “the main theme for the mix is isolation and feeling disconnected from the world around you”. Stream and download above.

Developer’s Growth Process. Presented as a part of his new Provoke Thought mix series of recorded sessions, a deep techno mix by LA-born DJ and producer Developer of Modularz records, who shared it to display his range as a selector and to present a more in-depth focus on what he really enjoys playing. Stream and download above.

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