Mixes Of The Week: 4/9/17

This week’s top mixes include Apron Records for Carhartt WIP Radio, Izabel Caligiore’s Label of the Month Blend, Mr Mitch’s Second Devotion Mixtape and Flora Yin-Want Blowing Up The Workshop.

Flora Yin-Want Blowing Up The Workshop. Ex digital editor at Dazed and contributor to many other top digital publications, Flora Yin-Wong has released her high club culture, concept-driven, and identity-inspired records via Berlin’s PAN and New York’s PTP label. Her contribution to Blowing Up The Workshop is an hour of movement between surprising percussive relations, with the occasional reflective refrain. Stream above.

Apron for Carhartt WIP Radio. Founded at the end of 2011 by London DJ and producer Steven Julien, previously known as Funkineven, Apron’s releases reflect his passion for individual takes on house, disco, experimental, acid and electronic. For Carhartt WIP Radio, he conducts a show with early label material and soon to be released new Apron stuff. Stream above, an interview with the artist here.

Izabel Caligiore’s Label of the Month Blend. “It wasn’t about trying to be different, or seeking out the most obscure records. It was just a case of, what haven’t I heard before?” Known for her radio show, mix series and record label, Lullabies For Insomniacs’ Izabel Caligiore mixes a blend of music, with tracks from inside and outside of the label. Stream and download above, track listing here.

Basic Rhythm Straight From The Bedroom. Straight From The Bedroom is a new monthly mix series from Anthoney Hart, aka Basic Rhythm and East Man, in which he pieces together a picture of the pirate radio era, rolling through hardcore, jungle, techno and eventually drum and bass. This instalment uncovers classics and unheard gems from 1991. Stream and download above.

Mr Mitch’s Second Devotion Mixtape. A year after the first, Mr Mitch’s second Devotion mixtape follows up on the release of the South London grime DJ and producer’s Devout LP. Beginning with an ASMR session, it dextrously brings together the most colourful modern house, R&B, funk and techno. Stream and download above, track listing here.

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