Learn Industrial Techno With Underdog Electronic Music School

Underdog Electronic Music School have a new three day course on industrial techno.

Underdog Electronic Music School, (aka Oscar Verlinden) has released his new in depth course on industrial techno. Already well known to Attack readers for his entertaining channel on YouTube, this course is an extension of that but a far deeper dive than on the video-sharing platform.

Students of the course will learn to make this sound from start to finish:

Torc ยท Transistor Fey

The industrial techno course is split over three days and structured as below:

Day 1

Track Vision & Planning

To begin the course, Oscar will discuss the vision for the track:

  • What are we trying to acheive with this track?
  • Who and what are the influences?
  • What elements do we need to set us up for success?
  • Planning a structure for our workflow

Creating the Beat

  • Atmospheric elements
  • Kicks
  • Rumbles
  • Percussion
  • Transition FX
  • Lead synth

Day 2

How to arranging industrial techno and give the track an “Identity”

On day two the course covers:

  • Refining the mixdown
  • Creating the song’s signature moment – the climax
  • A full arrangement and the first draft of a “complete” track

Day 3

How to mix industrial techno

On the final day the course will:

  • Review feedback from the the students
  • Implement feedback
  • Address final issues with the mix
  • Finalise the track

What DAW is the tutorial in?

The tutorial is in Ableton Live. However, the techniques covered are not specific to Ableton Live. This course can be applied to whichever DAW you are using.

For further reference, check out Underdog on YouTube. Concepts are explained in such a way that they are not limited to any DAW.

What about plugins?

Underdog only uses Ableton Live stock plugins. There are no 3rd parts VSTs and the Ableton 11 project file is also available.

All DAWs have the same fundamental plugins so the techniques can be applied natively.

How much is the course?

8 hours of tuition, split over 3 days costs $89

What else?

Underdog explains:

This is a long-form, comprehensive video series, that goes into much more detail than the YouTube videos. It mixes beginner and very advanced concepts together, while trying to explain it all in real-time.

This is a follow-along course as I try many different strategies for many different parts of the production of a single track. The real value here is in following the creative process, and less in the breakdown of techniques (though they are included too). Think of it less like school, and more like joining your friend in the studio for 3 days.

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