Josef K – Dec 21

Jozef K

Top ten December tunes from Josef K featuring Johannes Motschmann, Julien Brecht, Adam Ten and more.

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I am pretty much into anything atmospheric between 122-126bpm. Usually, something evocative with an arpeggiated melody and/or a lot of spatial FX is good for me.

Upcoming I have records with Joris Voorn’s Spectrum & Frankey and Sandrino’s Sum Over Histories amongst others. I am also starting a vinyl label soon – Dreaming Forever. Additionally, I have a plethora of remixes set for release.

I’ve chosen Bandcamp links where possible because where supporting artists is concerned Bandcamp rules. Selected buy sites over stream sites as those places are somewhat of a moral vacuum where artists are concerned. Thanks and hope you all enjoy the tunes, JK

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