Hector Oaks Jan 22 Chart

Hector Oaks

Top ten for January from techno DJ & producer Hector Oaks featuring Jasss, DJ Stingray 313, Mehen, Ignez and more.

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Berlin-based techno DJ, producer and ‘Oaks’ record label owner Hector Oaks was born in Madrid. Oaks learned music foundations through taking piano lessons as a child and gained an interest in electronic music during his teenage years.

After stumbling across techno at 18 years old and being inspired, he decided to move to Berlin and pursue an education and career in music production.

He founded his label in 2016 and released tracks by artists such as Ascion and Takaaki Itoh. Oaks went on to form friendships with various artists from Georgia and quickly became a resident DJ at club Bassiani.

After Bassiani was shut down in 2018 during a breakdown of club culture in Georgia, Oaks used the scene as inspiration for his album ‘As We Were Saying’ creating sounds stemming from synth-pop and ’80s EBM. This album was the first release on the label ‘Bassiani’.

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