Fear-E Dec 21 Chart


Top ten for December from DABJ techno warrior Scott McKay aka Fear-E featuring Antoni Maiovvi, DJ Willie Oboe, CT Kidobo and more.

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Scott McKay aka Fear-E is a DJ and producer based in Glasgow.

Scott’s style of cross-genre club music and fiery sets, spanned into appearances in various notable clubs around UK and Europe. Fear-E’s spacial and deconstructive approach to music, accompanied by soft and hard sonics, creates stripped-down, club-focused tracks.

Aside from his multiple releases on award winning imprint DABJ (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams) he has released through labels such as; Dark Entries, Super Rhythm Trax, Don’t Be Afraid, Hilltown Disco, Avoidant, Takeout, Zone Music and Street Tracks. His productions have been supported by several artists including Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, PaulWoolford, Skream, Leftfield, and Andrew Weatherall.

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