Create A Glitch Beat Inspired By Violet Visions’ Infected Mushroom Remix

In our latest YouTube Beat Dissected, we create a glitch beat inspired by Violet Visions’ Remix of Infected Mushroom’ ‘Deeply Disturbed’ using Loopcloud.

Glitch is now mainstream. It no longer sticks to single genres like dubstep or IDM, it can work in various capacities. As the genre has continued to grow, plugin manufacturers have followed. Established companies such as Cableguys (with Shaperbox) and Sugar Bytes (with Effectrix) have inspired a generation of sound destroyers chasing a glitch odyssey!

For our new Beat Dissected, we’re going to recreate the feeling of a glitched drum break, the type you would typically hear in Aphex Twin or Lanark Artefax.

We’re using Violet Vision’s 2003 remix of Infected Mushroom’s classic ‘Deeply Disturbed’. To do so, we’ll utilize Loopcloud which is perfect for glitch-related tasks due to its endless sound pack library.

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