Celebrate Vangelis With A Vangelis Listening Quiz


Celebrate the life of Vangelis and International Synth Day with this challenging quiz.

We recently lost a titan of electronic music, Vangelis. Vangelis was the original synth lord, a wizard always ensconced in his studio, surrounded by banks of synthesizers and effects. As a film composer, he helped bring a sense of gravitas and drama to electronic scores and proved that synthesizers could be just as moving and emotional as traditional orchestral ones.

Although Vangelis never made dance music, his influence on dance and electronic music, in general, can not be overstated. His works have been sampled and interpolated countless times, in any number of genres, with artists as varied as J Dilla, The Verve, and Air all paying tribute to him through music.

May 23 is International Synth Day and what better way to celebrate the man who helped elevate the position of the synthesizer in modern culture with a listening quiz focusing on his contributions to dance music. Grab a pair of headphones, open your ears, and see how many tracks you can recognize.

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