Beat Dissected: 5/4 Drum and Bass Inspired By Machinedrum Using Loopcloud

In our latest YouTube Beat Dissected video, we show you how to program a Machinedrum inspired 5/4 drum ‘n’ bass groove using Loopcloud. If you like Machinedrum, Lone or Nosaj Thing, then this video is for you!

To continue our series on different time signatures in electronic music, we look at how to do 5/4 d’n’b. If jazz led you to electronic music, then you’ve most likely stumbled upon Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’, which is the perfect example of how 4/5 started to gain popularity. As time signatures started to get tweaked more regularly, it opened the door for electronic music to explore beyond 4/4.

Want to follow along? Download the free MIDI file using the contact form below. It will work in any DAW:

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