Arturia Drop Efx Fragments An Easy To Use Granular Synthesis Effect

efx fragments

With little good news around right now, Arturia put a smile on our faces with Efx Fragments.

Arturia has unveiled Efx Fragments. The French software company made the announcement yesterday showcasing a new direction for the often misunderstood process of granular synthesis.

In a nutshell, granular synthesis is a sound synthesis method that operates on the microsound time scale. It is based on the same principle as sampling. The difference is, the samples are split into small pieces of around 1 to 100 ms in duration. These small pieces are called grains. You’d have heard it even if you had not realised.

For a brief overview of Efx Fragments

For a tutorial from Arturia

The features sets are extensive. Arturia has a rich history of granular synthesis, just take a look at the brilliant Pigments, so the company has a lot they can build upon. There are three granular modes that sit alongside creative pitch and texture functions, customisable modulation and built-in FX.

Granular synthesis is one of the most recognisable sounds. However, it can be shrouded in mystery and with Efx Fragments, Arturia is hoping to remove the barrier and make it easier to explore. Whereas you might be installing any number of M4L devices, this might house everything in one place for you.

Efx Fragments is available now priced at €99 (offers are available for existing customers) and runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. You can also download a demo.


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