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Anna Kost

Top ten for Anna Kost featuring Atonism, MSDMNR, Hassan Abou Alam, Justyn Nell and more.

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Anna Kost is forging a luminescent path for herself in the shadowy world of techno. Alienated by the political regime of her native country, like so many of her generation, the 23-year-old producer and DJ spent the pandemic quietly developing a distinctive sound.

After surfacing on Soma Records and Warok Music in 2021, her EP ‘The Very End Of You’ on Scuba’s enigmatic techno offshoot of Hotflush Recordings, Who Whom, set out an overview of her approach to the form.

Rooted in European techno but with heavy influences from the broken-beat sounds of the UK underground, the EP combined technical dexterity with a stylistic literacy that belies her limited catalogue. A follow-up EP ‘Waste of Skin’ was released today on Who Whom, further reinforcing her nuanced approach with elements of UK bass, electro and two-step as part of her leftfield techno palette.

Anna Kost’s ‘Waste of Skin’ EP is available to buy and stream on Bandcamp.

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