News Round-Up: 13/7/18


Scuba opens up. Solomon apologises. Andreas Schneider posts a statement.

The Pussy Melter. Yes this actually exists, it’s pretty awful and it’s a guitar pedal. The recently released pedal from TC Electronic has been widely criticised for being sexist by musicians including Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner and Braids’ Raphaelle Standell-Preston. Read the full story here.

Apologies all around. Mladen Solomon has made a public apology on his Facebook page after inadvertently playing a track at Kappa Futur Festival that featured a vocal sample of the Islamic Call to Prayer. You can read the full apology below.


Scuba address mental health concerns. The DJ has taken to Twitter to thank his fans for their support and to explain why he is taking a break from touring. Read the full post by clicking here.

Andreas Schneider makes a statement. The owner of Schneidersladen has posted a statement on the current situation for the Eurorack market. Initially written in German, you can read the full translation below.


Skulpt. UK synth manufacturer Modal Electronics has announced its latest instrument, a four-voice virtual analog polysynth that will reportedly cost under $300. You can support the Kickstarter campaign here.

Elevate. Eventide and Newfangled Audio have announced two new plug-ins, Saturate and Punctuate, as well as feature improvements to EQuivocate and Elevate itself. Read more on their site.

Summer Updates. Bitwig have announced V 2.4 of Bitwig Studio. It’s due to arrive in a few weeks, and there are some big improvements to the Sampler device notably the granular and wavetable features, visual crossfading and a modified multi-sample editor. Read more here.


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