10 Free VST Effects To Beef Up Your Mix With Depth

Depth can be very instrumental to beef up your mix; that’s why most producers and audio experts get assistance from the plethora of VST plugins available. Want to bring your mixes to space? From Reverb to Delay, Here’s a list of free (spacey) VST plugin effects that will give them some depth and 3D effects. 

Spaceship Delay

First, Spaceship Delay, a delay audio effect that incorporates both classic contemporary and retro delays. 
Also, you can use it as a conventional delay for blending voices, giving depth to your instruments(guitar, drums, or synth sounds).

Additionally, you can achieve the more creative effects with the attack control, or even as a looper with the freeze switch and the very long maximum delay sizes.

So, Make sure you experiment with the ‘Effects’ section. Create crazy combinations that sound like they came from space.

Availability: (Windows/Mac)
Format:  VST3/AU/AAX
Download It HERE


Moving on, we have Subspace, a Rich-sounding and minimalistic reverb plugin. very similar to the allpass reverb module found in Zynaptiq’s Morph 2, Wormhole, and Adaptiverb plugins.
It is very minimalistic and it includes just two knobs: a switch that chooses one of four presets (appropriately called A, B, C, and Z) and a dry-wet knob.
It’s never been simpler to add depth and intergalactic reverb to your sound!

Download It HERE


Next, is Roboverb, a robotic voice reverb plugin with versatile features that can adapt to various situations, while still serving as a go-to reverb option.
Also, With roboverb, the impact is very prominent, you can experiment with it to adjust the distance of a track to make it seem like you’re in a larger space, change the size of the space by using the ‘Room Size’ and ‘Width’ dials on the Roboverb plugin. 
thus, be sure to experiment with the “Chambers” knobs, which affect different aspects of the sound.

Format: VST/VST3/AU
Download It HERE


Following, is Protoverb,  a reverb based on the idea of a “room simulator”.
Protoverb can simulate a room with the room simulator. Also, The fan room is designed to use all the air in the space, just like the human body. Thus, it is unnecessary to color or modulate the signal. Instead, we created a simple, clean reverb effect with a unique twist. An echo effect may be created by playing a brief tune in the room, and it will play an echo of that melody.

Availability: (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Format: VST/AU/AAX
Download It HERE


Rubbadub is a delay effect plug-in with the adaptability in mind that it may act as a looper. 
As a dub delay, it gives a state changeable filter on the feedback line and can be tempo-synced. 
Rubbadub undergoes through-zero flanging at the lowest extremities of delay line lengths and is equipped with a range of modulation choices.
In order to give control over delay time, time is broken into three phases:
H, M, and L. But if you use the command key, much finer control is available. 
Your sound morphs into a rubbery gelatinous material when modulation is pushed to the maximum.

Availability: (Windows/Mac)
Format: VST/AU
Download It HERE

Convology XT Reverb

The massive amount of impulse response (IR) files that Convology XT Reverb provides include incredible vintage sounds from all around the globe.
This plugin delivers much more than you’d expect, with  “Scale” features like Stretch and Decay. 
Additionally, you’ll find EQ, PreDelay, Stereo, and 3D Chorus (can either emulate early DSP gear, or be applied to vocals and instruments). 
Outside your speakers, increasing the stereo width from mono to full width, reversing the signal, and much more. In addition to this, the great thing about this plugin is how simple it is to get a specific sound.

The whole library may be accessed by clicking on a certain part of the library, followed by the unit and file.

Availability: (Windows/Mac)
Format: VST/AU/AAX
Download It Here

Ozone Imager

Ozone Imager 2 is a VST plugin born from Ozone 8’s legendary imaging technology and could help bring depth to your projects.
the new Stereoize II feature provides a different approach to widening audio files while avoiding the phasing problems that might otherwise arise. Strive for dynamic depth and width while working with mono or narrow mixes. It also helps you identify if the mix is too wide, too narrow, or out of phase.

Download It HERE

Doppler Dome

When an ambulance flies by you, you may hear a strange frequency modulation phenomenon known as the doppler effect.
In Doppler Dome, the listener is in the center, and the sound source travels along a route while shifting the listener’s position. Using the dots, drag the bezier curves to modify the route. You may think of the route as an LFO or a loop. Setting the path position to sync it with the project resets a midi note to its default location when a message is delivered to the plugin.

Like a chorus or modulated delay, the Blend will mix the pitch effect with the dry signal. When you are using the Pitch Scale knob, you may mute the pitch with a 0. Next, determine the amount of sound level depending on distance using the Volume Scale Scale knob. This knob sets the amount of L/R movement relative to the center.

Download It HERE


Proximity is a simple-to-use distance “pan-pot” plugin based on various psychoacoustic models. The goal is to provide mixing engineers with a dependable tool that enables them to easily and convincingly alter the “depth” of several sound sources.
Several models can be combined:

  • Distance signal delay by speed of sound
  • Distance gain loss
  • Absorption of high-frequencies in air
  • Stereo width manipulation
  • Proximity effect of virtual microphone
  • Distance-based early reflections

Availability: (Windows/Mac)
Format: VST/AU
Download It HERE

Melda MConvolutionEZ

MConvolutionEZ by Melda is a reverb plugin able to load external impulse responses. It includes many impulses, but the user is free to load more IR or audio files of their choice. Additionally, the factory presets 
MeldaProduction contains a wide variety of reverb types, such as room, plate, hall, cathedral, and more.  MConvolutionEZ sports multiple skins, a built-in preset manager, parameter randomization, numerous A/B testing options, a bypass switch, and several other convenient UI features.

Availability: (Windows/Mac)
Download It HERE


Here’s a rundown the FREE VST Plugins we mentioned:

  • Spaceship Delay Download Link
  • Subspace Download Link
  • Roboverb Download Link
  • Protoverb Download Link
  • Rubbadub Download Link
  • Convology XT Reverb Download Link
  • Ozone Imager Download Link
  • Doppler Dome Download Link
  • Proximity Download Link
  • Melda MConvolutionEZ Download Link

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