Where to live stream music recording and production

Twitch music streaming

Live streaming rose to prominence thanks to gamers and gaming fans who were keen to watch their favourite players compete and battle on services such as Twitch, but you can now live stream people doing almost anything – including music recording and production.

The success of Twitch has meant a number of other tech giants have tried to get in on the act, with Google releasing YouTube Gaming and Facebook releasing Facebook Gaming, but Twitch remains the dominant player in the space. Amazon acquired Twitch for $1bn back in 2014 and has been clever to expand its live streaming focus from just gaming, to live streamers of almost anything from playing online casino games to recording and mixing a song.

If you tune into a Twitch channel for someone recording a song, you could see a singer-songwriter jamming through song recommendations form the comments to someone explaining how they are mixing down the drum track on Cubase from a technical perspective – there are streamers for every level and interest.

YouTube remains the best place to find video explainers on how to play and instrument or how to learn any other part of the music-making process, but there is something added by the live interactivity of a twitch stream. The “host” can reply to the comments in real-time, working their feedback into his or her song, with the whole process feeling more collaborative. Some people learn best by just watching and re-watching the same tutorials until they are comfortable with the skill, but others learn best by collaboration and this is where Twitch shines.

Critically, streamers are also able to earn via their streams, with fans able to both subscribe to channels for a monthly fee and pay tips in “Bits” to their favourite streamers. And this revenue can be lucrative, with the biggest streamers earning millions per year from teh platform, with Fortnite star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins making $17 million last year. The number of subscribers and tippers may be significantly less for smaller channels, with those streaming their games at rivernile casino or playing live cover versions of their favourite pop songs, but if they are able to build an audience the possibilities are there.

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