DJ Controllers In Clubs: The Definitive Truth From The Top

So are you “allowed” to take your DJ controller into the club with you, or are you expected to use the gear that is provided for you – no matter what gear that is, or what state of repair it’s in? Do only “fake” DJs try to do this, or is it now accepted that…

Got Reloop Decks? Complete The Look With The Reloop Concorde Vibe

Reloop has announced a new turntable cartridge, the Concorde Vibe. Made by Ortofon, it is nonetheless branded Reloop, making it a good choice for DJs who own Reloop turntables and want to complete the look. These all-in-one “Concorde” cartridges are popular with both DVS and “real” vinyl DJs as there is no assembly required. The…

Scuffham updates S-Gear to v2.7

Scuffham Amps has updated S-Gear to version 2.7. The release includes new 4×12″ speaker cabinet models created using a modern Mesa cabinet with V30 and G12M20 speaker configurations. In addition [Read More] Read the full story

Zero-G release Sound Bites Voice-Over Collection

Zero-G has announced the release of Sound Bites, a voice-over collection with almost 1,000 samples ranging from “the grittiest to the hilarious, seamy to steamy”. Zero-G say the enormous stylistic [Read More] Read the full story

Rob Papen updates Predator 2 to v1.0.3

Rob Papen has updated Predator 2 to v1.0.3. Changes: Option for big ‘User Waves’ screen. Sample Analyze option, to create waveforms. New parallel mode for the filters, selectable in Osc-3. New [Read More] Read the full story

How to Set Up a Studio at Home

Thinking that setting up a home studio for music is a huge project? You might be thinking that building home studio will require huge capital, abundant time, research, planning, and preparation. You are not alone to think the same way, but most of the people are thinking the same as you. However, the truth is…

Free Hip-Hop Vinyl Samples (Sound Kits) by r-loops

r-loops has added a new free sample pack for Hip Hop vinyl lovers to their free sample packs catalog. The Free Hip-Hop Vinyl Samples collection features 5 Hip Hop vinyl construction kits, each filled with all the audio elements used in the production process. All 5 beats (construction kits) from this sample pack were composed using high-quality sounds…