Access & Store Your Sounds Online With Loopcloud

Loopcloud from Loopmasters is a new cloud-based service, which allows you to browse and manage your samples, add content of your own, and drag samples into your digital audio workstation (DAW) directly from the Loopcloud plugin. Conveniently, the samples will be downloaded and loaded into your session already tempo-synced. The post Access & Store Your…

Harrison Consoles releases Mixbus32C v4

Harrison Consoles has announced the release of Mixbus32C v4 – the latest generation of its “True Analog Mixing” workstation. Mixbus32C is a full-featured DAW with all the features of a typical [Read More] Read the full story

New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.1

New Sonic Arts have updated the Freestyle VST host for stage and studio, to v1.1. The update includes the following improvements and fixes: Improvements: New EventPlayer module for internal sequencing, [Read More] Read the full story