n-Track Studio updated to v8.1.4

n-Track Studio has been updated to v8.1.4. New features: Added Share window: click on the “Share” button on the main toolbar for quickly export or upload your song and optionally share it with [Read More] Read the full story

AudioRealism Bass Line VST/AU updated to v3.1.0

AudioRealism has updated the VST/AU versions of Bass Line 3 to v3.1.0. New features / changes: TB-03 Pattern Import. ABL3 can now read back-up patterns from the TB-03. Triplet mode setting per [Read More] Read the full story

Kontakt Hub Releases Free Granular Engine For NI Kontakt

via Bedroom Producers Blog: Kontakt Hub has introduced Granularis, a freely downloadable (only for registered users) granular sampler engine for NI Kontakt. Granularis is currently in beta, as it only includes the granular engine patch for Native Instruments Kontakt without any sound content. A forthcoming version (also free on Kontakt Hub) will come with a…

Auburn Sounds Releases Graillon 2 Free Vocal Processing Effect

via Bedroom Producers Blog: Auburn Sounds has released Graillon 2 Free, the feature-limited (but only slightly so!) freeware version of their new real-time pitch shifting and pitch correction effect in VST/AU plugin formats for PC and Mac. Graillion 2 (€29) is a significant improvement over the original Graillon, adding powerful new pitch shifting and pitch…

REVEALED: Rane Seventy Two is all you wanted it to be

Rane pulled their own cat out of the bag at the DMC US finals. Behold the new Rane Seventy Two – Rane’s Seattle engineering smarts with added inMusic-ness. For the very best in DJ gear news, check out DJWORX. Read the full story

Nikolozi releases NFM – FM Synth Audio Unit for iPad

Nikolozi has released NFM, an intuitive FM synthesizer for iPad with a streamlined interface. It works as an Audio Unit extension inside a host application such as GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria [Read More] Read the full story