Neutron Elements Plugin Released by iZotope

iZotope has released Neutron Elements, a low-cost entry-level version of their NEUTRON award-winning audio processing software. iZotope Neutron Elements, like the large variants Neutron and Neutron Advanced, is an intelligent channel strip that supports the innovative TrackAssistant. This analyzes the source material – for example, a drum bus and then automatically sets the channel strip,…

Spotify and the END of The Loudness War

If there is anyone on this planet who is active in the field of tonal art and sound enhancement and has never heard of the “loudness war“, here is a short report of the previous battle scenario: The term “Loudness War” is understood to mean the excessive compression and limitation of music (usually during mastering),…

Audio Damage releases free Rough Rider Compressor for iOS

Audio Damage has announced that Rough Rider 2 for iOS is available now for free in the app store. Audio Damage’s Chris Randall says “The only difference between Rough Rider 2 for iOS AUv3 and [Read More] Read the full story

Over To You: How Do You Back Up Your Music?

Nothing’s unsexier than the words “hard drive back-up”. Unfortunately as more of our music crosses onto the digital domain (I don’t even have CDs anymore), it becomes crucial to have a back-up routine in place. In today’s question, we’d like to know: what’s your system for backing up your music library, and what storage do…

NuSpace Audio updates Muze to v1.1.0

NuSpace Audio has updated Muze to version 1.1.0. New features and changes: Added new reverb algorithm (second of nine) and selector for changing modes (see GUI + manual for details). Sound-sources [Read More] Read the full story