Free Drum Machine VST/AU Plugin By 99Sounds & SampleScience

via Bedroom Producers Blog: 99Sounds and SampleScience have released Drum Machine, a freeware drum rompler VST/AU plugin based on a set of drum hits from the 99 Drum Samples sound collection. Drum Machine was developed by SampleScience, a plugin developer and sound designer known for crafting excellent rompler instruments for PC and Mac. The plugin features…

Mixing Tips: How To Use The High Pass Filters

High Pass Filters are probably the most overlooked tools in your studio. Everybody talks about compressors, limiters, reverbs, EQs, even tape simulators, before High Pass Filters, even though they are by far, the most important tool you can have when mixing. High Pass Filters you’ve said? Indeed. As it name suggests, High Pass Filter (HPF)…

Waves intros Sonnox for SoundGrid

Waves Audio has announced the compatibility of Sonnox plugins with Waves SoundGrid. Initially, three Sonnox plugins (the Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics and Read the full story

The cassette tape scratching ScrubBoard is back for more

In a world filled with all manner of next level DJ technology, Jeremy Bell keeps pushing forward with his cassette tape based ScrubBoard. Here’s an update. For the very best in DJ gear news, check out DJWORX. Read the full story