7 Unusual Types Of Venues To Approach For Gigs

You might have already exhausted all of the “standard” options when trying to get yourself a gig. If that is so, why not think outside the box and find your own niche? It may well lead to you getting gigs. In this 7 Ways To Get A Gig article, we’ll talk about landing DJ gigs…

Magix releases Sound Forge Pro Mac 3

Magix has released Sound Forge Pro Mac 3, offering several new features to enhance the editing, processing and mastering of audio files on macOS. It costs $299. Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 now includes: [Read More] Read the full story

zplane.development updates élastiqueAAX v1.1.0

zplane has updated élastiqueAAX to v1.1.0. Changes include: Added a preview function that should further improve the handling. Fixed some issues. For more details see the release notes. élastiqueAAX [Read More] Read the full story