News Round-up: 21/4/17

Learn about Kraftwerk’s obscure sampler. Novation launch new synth. Has pop music run out of original ideas? Crafty work. Did you know that Kraftwerk used a primitive sampler on classic tracks like ‘Radioactivity’ and ‘Trans-Europe Express’? The Vako Orchestron is an optical disc-based keyboard capable of replaying basic choir and string sounds. Check it out in…

Seb Zito

“My guilty pleasure? Pretty much any Phil Collins track…” Seb Zito talks us through his favourites. The first time you remember hearing electronic music? I was 12 years old on holiday with my parents and befriended a group of DJs and MCs who played on Dream FM. I didn’t particularly like their style of music but…

iZotope releases RX 6 Audio Editor

iZotope has released the biggest ever update for its RX audio repair software with a host of new features designed to resolve audio issues frequently encountered by both recording musicians and [Read More] Read the full story

PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2017 for Mac

PG Music has announced the release of Band-in-a-Box 2017 for Mac, with over 80 new features and enhancements, 202 new RealTracks, 34 MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, 24 available “Bonus” [Read More] Read the full story

Orchestral Tools releases Berlin Brass – Muted Brass

Orchestral Tools has announced the release of Berlin Brass – Muted Brass, available now for a special intro price of 249€+VAT instead of 299€+VAT. With this third complement to Berlin Brass, [Read More] Read the full story