NuSpace Audio updates Muze to v1.1.0

NuSpace Audio has updated Muze to version 1.1.0. New features and changes: Added new reverb algorithm (second of nine) and selector for changing modes (see GUI + manual for details). Sound-sources [Read More] Read the full story

Your Questions: How Do You Build A Following?

This week’s question comes from Digital DJ Tips Platinum Facebook Group member Gregor, who asks: “How do you guys stay positive when the music you love is not wanted and continually gets knocked back? I’ve reached out to every venue in my area and I get the same response: ‘If you have no following, why…

Mastering The Mix updates Levels to v1.2

Mastering The Mix has updated their Levels plug-in to version 1.2. Levels will now be found in the plug-in folder ‘MasteringTheMix’, rather than ’29Palms’ as it was before. For this reason a [Read More] Read the full story

How Technology Has Changed The Music Industry

If you are thinking music industry to be the simple one, you are definitely wrong. The musicians, artists, songwriters, and producers are working days and nights on their crafts to make them in the form of music. Music is considered as the food of spirit and is the biggest part of every person’s life. Music…