DECISIONS: DJ technical skills or music selection?

Would you pick a DJ with mad skills but awful music taste, or a car crashing cacophony of a DJ with all your favourite tunes? Take our poll. For the very best in DJ gear news, check out DJWORX. Read the full story

iZotope release Neutron Elements

iZotope has announced the release of Neutron Elements, a simpler, cheaper version of the mixing plug-in. The key features of Neutron Elements include: Track Assistant – iZotope’s machine learning [Read More] Read the full story

Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9756

Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9756. Changes: Added Ghost Mode (patchbay transparency with Shift-click to access windows underneath). Added MIDI SysEx message creator (needs to be connected [Read More] Read the full story

TAPE Saturation VST Plugin Released by Softube

Softube is proud to announce availability of Tape — a sonically versatile, yet easy-to-use tape emulation plug-in that models three types of reel-to-reel tape machine with distinctly different sound characteristics and offers several unique features without taxing CPUs or breaking the bank. Softube’s Tape goes beyond existing tape emulation plug-ins in several ways. First and…