Audified releases Studio Bundle with Intro Offer

Audified has announced the release of the Audified Studio Bundle, a new collection that contains: MixChecker – a tool that helps you get better mixes instantly. The vintage U73b Compressor The [Read More] Read the full story

Sylvain Stoppani Releases Free PROCESSORZ° Multi-FX Unit (NI Reaktor)

via Bedroom Producers Blog: Sylbain Stoppani has recently released PROCESSORZ°, a freely downloadable multi-effects toolbox for Native Instruments Reaktor. I’ve only recently become a Reaktor user but have already been floored by the quality of free user-generated content, one of the latest being the PROCESSORZ° device created by Sylvain Stoppani. Much like Sugar Bytes’ “Effectrix” or…

Review & Video: Chauvet DJ FXpar 9 Effect Light

It never fails to amaze us how much lighting has moved on in recent years, hand-in-hand with the advances in DJing. The Chauvet DJ FXpar9 is a good example of a modern light for DJs: In a lightweight circular plastic fixture about 9″ across and 3″ deep and with a simple bracket mount, it packs…

Matthieu Brucher releases Audio ToolKit 2.0.0

Matthieu Brucher has updated ATK to 2.0.0 with a major refactoring to ensure signed/unsigned consistency, a new Adaptive module and EQ design. Complex-valued filters are also now available to [Read More] Read the full story

SoundSpot Releass Free FAT Filter VST/AU Plugin

via Bedroom Producers Blog: SoundSpot has released FAT Filter, a freeware high-pass/low-pass filter effect in VST/AU/AAX plugin formats for PC and Mac. FAT Filter is as simple as filter plugins get. Its only features are cutoff and resonance knobs, and a switch to choose between the low-pass and high-pass filtering modes. If you need any additional features like filter drive,…