Sound Magic releases China Percussion

Sound Magic has released China Percussion, a collection of nearly all Chinese percussion instruments, including BianZhong (Chinese Chime Bells), Chinese Gong, Chinese Drums, Cymbals, Qing… Read More Read the full story

Steinberg releases VST 3.7 SDK

Steinberg has released the SDK for VST 3.7, introducing several enhancements of the SDK interface that allow new levels of integrations between VST 3 hosts and plug-ins, including the new… Read More Read the full story

Orange Crest Edition Wireless Headphones Review

Orange Music Electronic Company has just released its new Crest Edition Wireless Headphones, the company’s next foray into the wearables market, this time with a fresh look and feel and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You might recall our review of Orange’s O Edition Headphones in 2017, where I mentioned some slight discomfort with their on/over-ear design,…

July’s Best Music

Some absolute bangers in this month’s round of our favourite house, techno and electronic music releases for July 2020. Special Request – Spectral Frequency EP Label: R&S Paul Woolford’s Special Request debut on R&S is a killer four tracker featuring a monstrous jungle romp of a title track that is essentially an Amen break that’s…

8 Reasons Why Mixing Is Important For DJs

There is a lot to the art of DJing. Of course, you need a passion for the music. You also need a “geeky” understanding of the gear (how it all works, what plugs into what, how to troubleshoot audio set-ups and so on). It’s important to also understand the dynamics of performing, in the same…

JELSTUDIO updates Auto-Loudness and AutoEQ

JELSTUDIO has released updates for AutoLoudness, an automatic loudness adjustment plugin, and AutoEQ v2, an automatic equalizer plugin. The two plugins are individual products… Read More Read the full story