Anarchy Comp VST/AU Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time

Anarchy Audioworx offers the Anarchy Comp ($49 value) compression and saturation VST/AU plugin as a free download for a limited time only. The developer describes Anarchy Comp as a flexible dynamic processing tool capable of compressing individual instruments, buses, and even the master channel. It is available in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible…

Mixing Microhouse

In the first installment of a new series, we mix a microhouse beat using Waves plugins in Ableton Live. For most of the history of recorded music, writing and mixing were two different jobs. With the rise of the bedroom producer however, now we’re expected to do it all ourselves. Just when you have a…

Blue Cat Audio releases PatchWork 2.5

Blue Cat Audio has released a new version of PatchWork, a multi-effects processor also capable of hosting third party plug-ins. Including a brand new multicore processing engine,… Read More Read the full story

MOTU debuts redesigned 5th-generation UltraLite-mk5

MOTU is shipping the UltraLite-mk5, a ground-up redesign of its award-winning 18 x 22 half-rack USB audio interface for macOS, Windows and iOS. The 5th-generation UltraLite-mk5… Read More Read the full story

VB-Audio updates the Voicemeeter product range

VB-Audio has announced that Voicemeeter Standard, Voicemeeter Banana and Voicemeeter Potato are now available in versions / and, offering improvements and new features… Read More Read the full story