Midi Madness Software announces MIDI Madness 3 Beta

Midi Madness Software has announced MIDI Madness Version 3 public beta, the latest version of their algorithmic MIDI generator. Version 3 has been written from the ground up, designed for speed [Read More] Read the full story

Edifier R1800BT Stereo Bluetooth Speakers Review

Edifier R1800BT is an affordable (£119.99 at Amazon.uk) pair of Bluetooth speakers that is widely considered as one of the best-buy options in its price range. I was curious to find out if they could also be a viable option for beginner DJs and music producers looking for a budget-oriented first pair of speakers for…

10 BEST Free / Affordable Mastering VST Effects

It has never been easier to enter the field of audio production. We are living in a digital age. Producers no longer have to drop tens of thousands of dollars on pricey soundboards and studio spaces. The modern producer can literally walk around with a powerful mixing studio in their backpack! Debates have been going…

News Round-Up: 17/11/17

Are record labels set for extinction? Mathew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band set to tour Europe. How the prescription drug epidemic has changed hip-hop. Fresh threads. Influential Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance have teamed up with Motor City company Carhartt for a new hoodie, parka, jeans and t-shirt which all bear the UR logo. Check it here….

Friday Five: “I Don’t Need To Use Headphones” – Zedd

In this week’s Friday Five, we lead with a piece from Forbes that shines a light on Zedd, who is currently in its “30 Under 30” list of superstar money makers, and he chats about his unconventional approach to DJing. We’ve also got articles from Digital Music News, the LANDR Blog, TechCrunch and DJ Worx….