Syntler Drumper Drum Machine 2.5 is now free

Syntler has announced that Drumper 2.5, the 32-bit drum machine VST instrument plug-in for Windows, which previously cost $29, is now free. Features: 32-bit VST-2 instrument… Read More Read the full story

Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3.9

Apple has updated the iOS version of GarageBand to v2.3.9. Changes: New audio recordings can be quickly started from the Home screen by touching and holding the GarageBand… Read More Read the full story

Introducing Jamahook – AI Sound Matching plugin

Jamahook is a plugin that listens to your DAW project and suggests new samples to complement your music. Using artificial The post Introducing Jamahook – AI Sound Matching plugin appeared first on Read the full story

North Street Collective: “The Spirits In The Air”

From his role in X-Press 2, Black Science Orchestra and The Ballistic Brothers to his many solo projects, Gentleman Rudeboy Ashley Beedle is one of UK dance music’s most well-respected figures. We spoke to him together with Jo Wallace and Darren Morris who together make up the North Street Collective.  The North Street Collective are…

stw-audio updates “Reflex-Pro-X” to v1.1

stw-audio has updated Reflex-Pro-X to version 1.1. The update includes new features, an enhanced GUI and some fixes. The manual also got a big overhaul. There are over 40 new and inspiring… Read More Read the full story

Waves OneKnob Louder Is Free Until October 30th

Waves and W. A. Production are offering the OneKnob Louder ($49 value) loudness booster plugin as a free download until October 30th, 2020. Waves OneKnob Louder is a single-knob audio effect for boosting the loudness of an audio track. It does so by using a combination of limiting and dynamic range compression with auto-gain. In…

kiloHearts kHs One Synthesizer Is FREE For A Limited Time

kiloHearts is running a $19 deal on the kHs One ($99 value) virtual synthesizer. In addition to that offer, the plugin is available as a free download for a limited time only. kHs One is a 24-voice polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and…