Over To You: Should I Share My Playlists With Other DJs?

A nice question came on over on our Facebook Page, from Sam, who asks: “Hey guys got a question for you and the community. How do you feel about sharing music libraries? I have spent a lot of time building my library and paying for music. I have these DJs who are just starting that…

PSP updates Stompfilter to v1.1.0

PSP has updated Stompfilter to version 1.1.0 with some new features, new presets, and changed the authorization system to use the PACE system (a hardware ilok dongle is NOT required). The update [Read More] Read the full story

Channel Robot release Grid Machine Drum Collection

Channel Robot has announced the release of their Grid Machine Drums collection. Featuring the 4 core Grid Machine instruments (Matrix, Chain, Pulse and River) this time configured for, and including [Read More] Read the full story

HY-Plugins updates HY-SEQ16x3 to v1.2.5, HY-MPS to v1.0.5

HY-Plugins has updated HY-SEQ16x3 to v1.2.5, HY-MPS to v1.0.5. HY-Plugins has updated two of their plugins. HY-SEQ16x3 v1.2.5 Changes: Added color variation (dark, brown, blue, green) (full version [Read More] Read the full story