My Lessons 20 Years After Starting A Club Night

A couple of days ago, a photo of a flyer popped up in my Facebook feed that stopped me in my tracks. It was for a club night I’d been co-running for a couple of years and that we had just moved to a new venue in Manchester, England, as a monthly party. That club…

Over To You: Can I Jam With Another DJ Halfway Around The World?

Digital DJ Tips member Flavien Robert writes: “I’m looking to do a back-to-back live stream with a friend (my DJ mentor, actually), except he’s in Japan and I’m in France. Would you know of any application allowing us to do that? I found lots of stuff on live streaming, but nothing for several DJs in…

Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland Founder & Inventor Of TR-808, Dies

Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland founder and the man behind so many iconic instruments including the TB-303 bassline machine and the TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, has died at 80. His influence was huge, and it is no underestimation to say that without these devices, dance music simply wouldn’t have sounded how it does today. The post…

Nord Stage 3 Announced

Clavia Digital Musical Instruments has announced the Nord Stage 3. It is being shown for the first time at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017 April 5th-8th, Hall 9.0 booth C54. The fifth generation of [Read More] Read the full story

Zvork releases Oberon 2 Synthesizer Rack Extension

Zvork has announced the release of Oberon 2, a new version of the synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason. Based on an optimized additive engine, Oberon 2 builds on the recent 2.5 version of Propellerhead’s [Read More] Read the full story