New FLEX Synthesizer Out With FL Studio Beta 20.1.2

FLEX - FL Studio New Synth Plugin

The software company Image-Line announces FLEX, a new synthesizer plugin available with the new version of their well-known DAW FL Studio. This is currently in the public beta phase with the version number 20.1.2. Of course, the update contains many bug fixes, but also new enhancements like the new Plugin performance monitor. Among them is a multi-synthesis synthesizer called FLEX with several presets of well-known sound designers. Very interesting!

The DAW giant FL-Studio – yes, this is actually one of the most used digital audio workstations on the market – brings a lot with it. Many workflow improvements, fixed bugs, extended ranges for some parameters and some new features are included. The new synthesizer FLEX, which is based on multi-synthesis, seems very interesting.

This masters subtractive, wavetable, multisample, FM and AM synthesis. Yes, you have read correctly. It’s really a lot and will be a great playground for all sound designers and sound engineers. There are also various built-in effects. This new synth comes with several presets created by sound professionals. On board, the synth has six preset packs: Arksun Cityscape, Essential Pianos, Essential Strings, Mobile Synth Pluck, Mobile Tuned 808 Bass, Olbaid Compendium.

The plug-in gives you direct access to the shop where you can buy more presets. All presets are described with at least two tags that include type and style. This should help the user quickly find the right sounds, for example, looking for short bass.

The user interface of the new FLEX synthesizer is very simple and well structured. Eight macro controllers simplify the control of several parameters simultaneously. In the Analysis window, you see a sonogram of the sound. In addition, there are 8 macro sliders with which you can quickly adjust a number of important parameters of the chosen preset.

In addition, Flex includes effects such as delay and reverb, master filter for cutoff and resonance, filters and volume envelopes (attack, hold, decay, sustain, release), a limiter and a pitch slider.

The public beta of FL Studio 20.1.2 is available in the in-house forum as a free download. However, you should own a license of the full version to can test the new FLEX synth. Otherwise, the beta is not executable. The Windows Beta will run until May 23, 2019, while the Mac Beta will run until May 3, 2019.

What do you think about the new FLEX synthesizer plugin? If you had the opportunity to test it and play with it, leave a comment below and let us know your feedback.

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