How To Install VST Plugins To FL Studio

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Downloading The right VST plugin.

We offer in our store many high-quality VST instruments, synthesizers, effects, and plugins.

For this demonstration we are going to install HENSIVE VSTI.

— Bit-rate

  • VST plugins are available in 32-bit/64-bit versions.
  • 64-bit plugins run with a 64-bit version of FL Studio .
  • 32-bit plugins can run, though it’s best to stick the bit-rate of your FL Studio version.

Go to Help > About menu To know which version of FL studio you have.

— Formats

  • VST plugins come in four different formats :

ㅤVST, AU, AAX, and RTAS and Each one works with a different DAW.

  • VST3(64-bit), VST and AU are the formats FL Studio supports.

2. Installing VST

In most cases it’s an easy .exe (For Windows), .dmg (for Mac users) or simply a .zip file in order to install the plugin.

If you download a plugin and all you get is a .dll file, All you need to do is move/copy and paste that file into the correct folder

3. Locating Plugins Folders.

FL Studio searches for plugins in predefined folders. If a plugin isn’t stored in these folders, FL Studio won’t be able to use it.

Check out where your version of FL Studio checks for plugins by navigating to the Options > Manage Plugins menu.

The ‘Plugin search paths’ panel displays the folders where FL Studio searches for plugins.

Click folder + icon to add another directory to the list.

If you’ve used different DAW in the past, your plugins may be kept in directories created by the DAW.

Adding these directories to FL Studio’s list is the simplest method to use these plugins.

4. Adding VST Plugins to FL Studio 20.

After you have installed your plugin to one of the directories FL Studio can scan, start FL Studio.

Head to the Options > Manage Plugins menu.

There is a couple of scanning options available you.

Select the Find More Plugins button at the top to check for new plugins.

Then, browse through your list to check if your plugin is here.

In the case that your plugin doesn’t show up after scanning, verify that it is in the right folder and you have the correct format.

5. Adding VST plugin to database.

To add a plugin to your favorites (the plugin database), head to the browser section and select “Plugin database”.

You should see “Effects“, “Generators” and “Installed“.

Then, pick the folder where you’d like to store your VST plugin.

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