Change The Record: EP 02 – Mental Health In Dance Music

change the record ep02

Change the Record is the inaugural podcast from Attack Magazine, hosted by Clara Löffler. Over the course of six episodes, we’re going to bring you the stories that we hope open your eyes to what you can achieve when people work together to “Change the Record“. In EP 02 we sat down with Tristan Hunt, Regional Manager at AFEM and producer/ DJ Bushwacka who have both been tireless advocates for addressing mental health issues in dance music.

We’re delighted to announce Episode 2: Mental Health In Dance Music, in our inaugural podcast: Change the Record, is now available on Spotify.


Our host, Clara Löffler, will be talking to Tristan Hunt of the Association for Electronic Music and Bushwacka who have, in both personal and professional capacities, pushed the ongoing narrative around improving the working life for those working in dance music.

In times of COVID-19, isolation, loss of income, fear, and uncertainty about the future have taken a heavy toll on all of our mental health. However, there are aspects of working in dance music that can compound problems and prevent people from reaching out for help. 

In this episode, Tristan Hunt from the Association for Electronic Music and Matthew Benjamin aka Bushwacka share their personal journey with mental health, tips on how to mentally cope with this pandemic and what needs to be done to create a post-COVID-19 industry where musicians struggle less with their mental health.

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The idea to develop the podcast series came earlier this year after our managing editor, Eric Brünjes, commissioned Clara, to report how the Dutch dance music industry intends to develop and reform after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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