Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Samples

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Samples

It looks like lately everyone is boiling on Lo-Fi Hip Hop. Lo-Fi comes from the term “low fidelity” and fits the music of a lower quality that does not meet contemporary technical standards. That does not mean that there is something wrong, every note, line, beat, drum pattern, is where it should be.

Lo Fi Hip Hop is a Hip Hop subgenre that seeks to reach the emotional strings of the listeners. It usually has a slower pace, fewer beats per minute and is made to feel unappeared. Veritasaga does not listen, he feels.

Curiously, some of the world’s largest Hip Hop producers are Japanese, but other producers from around the world have started to follow the lo-fi trend. So if you are looking for the best samples for making lo-fi hip hop beats we already have some sample packs in our store and they are very very popular among our customers.

All samples are licensed as royalty-free so you can use them with no other cost in your future commercial productions. To listent to the audio demo and discover all the features just click the “More Details” button for each sample pack. Enjoy!

Lo-Fi Chill - Beats To Study To - Production Master

Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To

This sample pack produced by some of the best sample label in the industry, Production Master, includes over 1GB of lo-fi samples and lo-fi loops, drums and percussion, musical loops, textures, vocal loops and more cool lo-fi sounds.


Kits Kreme - Lo-Fi Hip Hop Samples


Another great lofi sample pack comes from Kits Kreme and includes great sounding melodic lo-fi samples, music loops, drum loops, drum hits, and lofi atmospheric textures. 


Sonics Empire - Pixel Lo Fi Loops Samples


Pixel Lo-Fi is the lo fi sample pack from Sonics Empire, a selection of 5 beat kits, each including all the loops in Wav and all the MIDI files, giving you maximum control and flexibility to create new original lo-fi beats and amaze your audience.


Production Master 3AM Lofi – Lofi Hip-Hop Samples Beats


Production Master is back with another lo fi sample pack filled with crunchy and craking drum samples, blissful atmospheres, dusty chords, musical loops, vocal loops, authentic vinyl effects and nature sounds. Worth your attention!


We will update this list as we will release new sample packs. If you liked our sample packs make sure you save the link and come back in the next few weeks to see what’s new. Leave us a comment if you are doing lo-fi music or if you have any other question or recommendation.

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